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Organized as a Texas Limited Partnership, Peacock Oil & Gas Properties, Ltd. Partners (Peacock) have been actively engaged in the acquisition and sale of large oil and gas properties since 1975.

Peacock works closely with consultant geologists, engineers, geophysicists and land personnel to develop drilling opportunities for sale to Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Companies and has participated in transactions covering in excess of one million acres. Although our primary Area of Interest is Texas, Peacock has also participated in transactions located in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana and New Mexico.

In addition to exploration and development opportunities, Peacock Partners also acquire both producing and non-producing fee minerals and royalties for their own account, and manage investments in commercial real estate, ranching and small horsepower wellhead compression. Peacock Mineral Management offers mineral and royalty management solutions in the digital world to royalty owners, families, attorneys, Trustees and other fiduciaries.